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> IMHO, I think a Ravenloft Birthright crossover would be a bad thing, I
> personally dont like the Ravenloft setting. For one, you cant escape
> once your there. For another, if your a powerful holy person, the land
> itself rises up against you. For a third, your surrounded by nigh
> unbeatable, evil beings whom if you do defeat there is a good chance you
> doom the people ruled by them and yourselves to an even worse fate.
> Every group ive Gmed in Ravenloft has gained a "Oh well, not like were
> ever going to do any large lasting good here" attitude, and they quickly
> lost interest.
Actually, there are a number of ways of escaping... and the land is not all
powerful... not only that, but it tends to scare, not kill immediantly.
Creatures of Light have disadvantages, but so do everyone else but Warriors
and Thieves...