Announcing the relaunch of the Anuire portion of Darkstar's PBEM

I will be running Anuire, unfortunately I will be restarting it from
scratch. The complexity attained by Darkstar in his excellent tenure (and
originator) of his PBEM forces me to not attempt its continuation.

I invite all of the current players to contact me, you will have first
choice of keeping your realm and/or picking a new one.

Anyone else who wishes to to play is welcome as well, please submit three
choices in order of preference that you wish to play.

All realms are available except the Gorgon, Raven, Spider, and Chimeara.

Please email me at

DO NOT REPLY TO THE LIST or to this email address. I will be out of town
this weekend, no responses will be made until Monday or Tuesday.

The web site for this will be at It
will not be up until Monday or Tuesday as well.

Thank you for you time