>In the esteemed opinion of the list members:
>What problems would a rightful heir to the Iron Throne face should he
>choose to claim it?

*ALOT*. Boeruine, Avan, Ghoere and the rest of the regents certaintly don't
want any upstart to just come and take *their* Iron Throne away from them.

>This is intended to be an open question so that I may
>look at other people's ideas on this one, I've allready got what I feel is
>a decent handle on my story, but some fresh input would be nice.
>Who might ally themselves with the new Emperor?

Uhh.. Anyone intimidated enough. Many of the small domains are too afraid
to leave their current alliances with the big-shots.
He will have to be good at convincing stubborn rulers, who only think about
themselves (we all do =).

>Knowing that Anuire would fall into chaos, what would the Awnsheghlien do?

They would take the opportunity. The gorgon will certaintly find this
a good time to start his next rampage. Rhoubhe, the spider and the
chimaeron hasn't got enough forces to take *real* advantage of the
situation, but they can expand their borders some...
And besides, assassinating the New Emperor when he came to his throne would
be the first thing I would have done. As it put the region into another
time of chaos.

>For that matter, what would the Rjurik, Khinasi, and Brecht do?

I don't think they like the idea, as they have been under the Iron Throne
before. They will prolly fight for their *newly won* independance.

Siebharrin the Lich