I was trying to write possible battle strategies in my head when a thought
struck me (ouch). You know - there's one other power out there that hasn't
been figured in here - the Awnsheghlien

What follows in a fantasy strategy for the most powerful of Awnsheghlien to
do what he's always wanted while capitalizing on human/elven hostilities.
The Gorgon will not sit idly by if the elves and humans get in another war.
In fact I think he'd take distinct advantage and strike when the humans
are weakest.

Step 1 - use Markazor and fortify while the Sielwode fights the Anuireans.
Tuarhievel is already held by their love of Fhilaerene, the Gorgon's guest.
(Players Secrets of Tuarhievel) When ready take the northern provinces of
Mhoried while he deals with the Elves (and the good hearted chap would
nicely loan soldiers to Elinie who would be certainly hurting), dealing
with the pesky Holy Order of Haelyn's Aegis. Lluabraight already has to
contend with Ghurali, the White Witch, and Urga Zai, and they hate humans
anyway (Ghallie Sidhe lives there, in full force).
The Rjurik won't care about Anuire - they've already fought an Empire off
once, they can do it again is what I'd imagine the sentiment to be.

2 - fortify new holdings and swallow Cariele whole. They're busy watch
passes against the elves and the goblins. Oh yeah, use some nice diplomacy
and cower Thurazor into joining. There's now a nice bridge of power across
the continent. Leave Thurazor to deal with Talinie, and fortify Cariele to
deal with Dhoesone (who's already in a world of hurt anyway)

3 - subdue the Five peaks, or a few provinces anyway. take another
province or two of Mhoried, while using Kiergard to tie up the dwarves of
Baruk-Azhik. At least make a threatening move there so they don't send
allies to Mhoried or the Elinie

interlude - in the mean time Gavin Tael of Ghoere sees a chance to have
what he wants - more power. He takes on Roesone and Aerenwe with Osoerde's
help, and if he was real smart and could hold his Imperial urges in check,
he might just get Diemed to side with him on the condition that they split
Roesone and Hierl can keep Medoere.

Maybe Boeruine and Avanil can call it off long enough to decide that
Stony's a real threat this time, even to them, but they send maybe token
help to Alamie and Talinie. They (at least Avan) is concerned about Gavin,
and so spends time making alliances.

The Sielwode calls of their little war with Elinie, end result, lots dead
on both sides, and no provinces have traded hands, but northern Elinie is
in ruins and unable to help Mhoried. The Mhor is hard pressed to stave off
constant raiding from Markazor, Cariele, and the Five Peaks, but gets some
help from Alamie.

4 - who to eat next? the choices are tempting in all directions, but Gorgy
must leave the Sielwode alone, after all, he doesn't really want them, he
wants Avanil. I wonder if Gavin Tael would ever side with the Gorgon to
get that power he wants so badly? If the Gorgon takes Talinie next, then
he opens a direct border, and a big one, with Boeruine, but he now has 52
provinces vs. Eric's 10 or so. Some fortification is in order after the
next nation falls beneath the cloven hoof.

From here things can go lots of ways, but the Gorgon has now achieved a
massive amount, and he now is beyond doubt the most powerful being on the
planet, all because the elves and the humans started to fight again.

Hmmm.... as a DM I like the sound of all this

I wonder if my players on the list are paying attention?