Detect True Source (Greater Divination)
Regency: 8 RP per affected province
Gold: 1 GB per affected province
Duration: Instantanious
Req'd Source:1
Charachter Level: 5

This spell uses forms of Detect Magic to find the true source level of a
province. It can be cast on multiple provinces but at a higher cost.
Detect True Source will inform its caster if the affected province
actually has more Mebhaighl than a normal terrain of that type. It will
aslo tell the caster where the source(s) is(are) located.

For example, this spell could be cast on Ilien to detect the exact
location (and exisance) of the Spire of the Sun (see Player's Secerts of
Ilien) and, in game terms, tell the player what the actual source value
is. In our example it might say that Ilien has a source value of 8, not
its normal 5.

BTW- Is Roele pronounced ROLL, ROW-LEE, or ROW-LAY?