I'd just like to add that according to the great and wise morality of
GoGo Mafuni(sp) or Speed Racer, that all greedy people die from getting
hot lava shot into thier face.

Seriously, the main problem I see is that if you are Ilien's vassal and
he does not do something rather drasticly evil, you will be commiting a
major chaotic act at the very least by overthrowing him. So the instead
of being a Paladin ruler you could well end up being a fighter regent of
a domain with few if any friends. This might seem harsh but if you
choose to play a paladin then you must walk the razor's edge. The
restriction placed on a Paladin and in fact several classes and kits are
mostly role playing disads which if ignored can casue the balance of the
class or kit to slip. The Paladin is on of the hardest classes or kits
to properly role play and it should be, it is difficult to live with the
restriction sometimes but as the saying goes you know the job was
dangerous when you took it.