I was just reading through the BOP the other day and noticed that all
the Cerilian gods had domains within the same outer planes that are
avalible for the forgotten realms etc. So I decided to come up with my
own idea for the Cerilian Outer planes instead, one that I will be using
in my own campaigns, but was interested to see what everyone else
though, or if anyone had similar ideas or concerns with the way it was
currently arranged.

So anyway here is what I propose instead, in order of innermost plane,
to outermost.

1. The Elemental Plane of Fire
2. The Elemental Plane of Earth
3. The Plane of Positive Energy Aebrynis
4. The Etheral Plane
5. The Plane of Negitive Energy The Shadow World
6. The Elemental Plane of Water
7. The Elemental Plane of Air
8. The Land of the Dead Dominion of the Cerilian Gods
9. The Astral Plane Passage to other worlds/dimension etc not related
to Cerilia

The Land of the Dead is a vast ocean of icy cold water that is filled
with the twisted souls of the damned and the faithless. In this ocean
are islands where each of the Cerilian gods have their domains. I have
used the same names as in the BOP for these, but added in some
Those who are true to their gods are permitted access to their gods
realms for eternity. This is about 1-3% of worshippers, depending on the
Those who worship a god, but have strayed in their faith in some way are
usually reincarnated for another chance at life. This covers most of the
god's worshippers.
Those who betray their gods (Kill priests, destroy temple, etc) are
damned for all eternity and cast into the ocean of grief. This is
usually very few.
Those who choose not to worship any god at all, or worship a
non-existant power are also condemned to the ocean.

Each of the gods worshipped on Cerilia has an island or continent
(depending on number of worshipers) in the ocean. This island increases
in size as the god's power power grows, or more of their worshippers are
allow to entire. The land of the dead has no defined size though so the
exapnding size of these regions does not diminish the avalible space on
the plane. Because I only have a short amount of time I will only list
the domains of the human gods here.

Avani: The Gleaming Spire.
This is a great city in the khinasi style, built around an peaceful
oasis. Avani's palace which is the cities center piece is a tall spire
of gold in the centre of the oasis, build around it are plaza's,
librarys, bathhouses and all the luxuries afforded to the richest
sultans of Cerilia. Those honoured worshippers who follow the light of
reason during their lives and never stray from the path set out by Avani
are permitted access to an eternity of luxury. It is a land of warmth,
and peace where no battle occur and nothing is out of place.
Surrounding the city is a large desert that eventually leads down to the

Erik: Nature's Rest.
Erik's domain is a continent sized island that is almost an exact copy
of Cerilia, except Cerilia as it would have been without any intelligent
beings living on it. Food is easy to come by and the worshippers of Erik
lucky enough to make it here travel the lands marvelling at the natural

Haelyn: Honour's Glory.
Only the most just and noble beings may enter the halls of Haelyn's
castle, all others are either cast into the ocean or more likely
reincarnated. Honour's Glory is a land of rolling hills and grassland,
dotted with castles and manors for the greatest of Haelyn's heros. It
represents Anuire as Haelyn would like to see it where all follow the
law and war are fought to rule of warfare. Haelyn spends his time here
challenging the greatest and most noble generals of Anuire and other
lands to mock battles among the faithful who have been granted life in
this realm. These battles resemble giant games of chess where none are
killed or injured. Haelyn sees life as a chance for each being to gain
his or her full pontential so will only grant access to his realm to
those who he thinks are worthy.

Belinik: The Striving.
Unlike Haelyn's realm, the land that is home to Belinik's faithful is a
gloomy and desolute place where warriors who served him in life now
fight for him in death. Here the strongest battle the weak to gain their
lord's notice. Belinik allows any who wish to enter access to his realm,
but they must fight for their survival. Those who do not succeed are
cast out, and returned to Cerilia for another chance at life while those
powerful enough to survive here may remain. In the Striving the warriors
must battle their way up the rungs of power. For those who are at the
top there are luxuries and wealth beyound the imagining while those at
the bottom are condemn to live in the cold hills that cover this realm.

Nesirie: The Waves of Grief.
The domain of the goddess of the sea is a small group of island that
rise up out of the ocean of grief like jagged spikes. Each is carved
into fantastic towers and castle. These buildings are home to Nesirie's
faithful, who are live surrounded by all the wealth the sea can provide.
The eat the finest seafood, and live in grottos of sand, lined with
pearls and feathersoft seaweed. Nesirie has few true worshippers, and
only a few of these are every allowed into her domain.
Nesirie's faithful are also the only ones who are permitted to travel
the ocean, usually in boats native to their homelands. They are not
permitted to set foot in the domains of the other gods though.

Sera: The Market Place Eternal.
As goddess of wealth and luck, sera's domain is devoted to just that. It
is a vast city that streaches of miles in each direction where those who
have worshipped Sera in life may continue their pursuits in death. For
craftsmen such as woodworks and armourers they can work here with the
greats who have come before them and are allowed umlimited access to the
finest materials to create great works. The city in fact resembles a
vast market places where traders and merchants barter for their goods.
It is a happy and entertaining place to spend eternity.
Sera allows only her most faithful worshippers entrance to her realm, as
well as the greatest craftsmen and merchants.

Cuiraecen: Cuiraecen's Feasthall.
This is a place of warrior. A gigantic hall that sit on the top of a
steep sided hill, surrounded by storm clouds. Here the greatest
warriors, who followed Cuiraecen in life, celebrate their success in
battle with him now. The hall is home to a continous feast where
warriors may enjoy the spoils of the victories in life.

Eloele: Endless Maze.
This was originally a copy of Sera's market place, created shortly after
the birth of the goddess of thieves. Over time though the goddess'
nature has grown more chaotic and it now resembles a vast maze of
streets, alleys and square. Anyone who enters (except the gods) will
find themselves soon lost in the twisting passages and will be trapped
for eternity. Eloele, who has few true worshippers allow any she thinks
worthy (around 10-25% of her worshippers) access to this domain.
Here the worthy dead are allow endulge all their fantasies, at the cost
of forgetting their previous lives. Any who enter retain their memories
only as long as they live, should the be killed (as happen very
regularly here) they will be reborn the next day with a new memory,
although their personality and knowledge remains the same. Unlike Sera's
realm the Endless maze is a city of taverns, brothels, gambling halls,
and other similar establishments. The most powerful of Eloele's dead
live in large palaces and the rest seek to steal from them to gain the
wealth necessary to become rich and powerful themselves.

Kriesha: The Steadfast Chill.
For one of the evil gods this realm is a place of breathtaking beauty.
It brings together all the best parts of a snowcovered, icy landscape
and combines them into the single realm. Palaces of ice lie scattered
across the landscape and are home to the faithful of Kriesha, while
outside a cold wind blows, and pack of wolves and other monster roam.
Those who have been faithful to Kriesha in life are permitted access to
the palaces.

Laerme: Songsheight.
The realm of Laerme is a large college of knowledge, song, and art.
Scholars, painters, sculpters, and other artist roam the ground of the
college enjoying the garden of fruits trees and flower beds. Like
Eloele's realm there is little order here. The sun shines all the time
and the faithful keep whatever hours they choose, free to enjoy what
ever pleasure they desire.

Ruornil: The Silver Lands.
The name of this realm refers to the like of mercury that cover much of
the domain. Here Ruornil's faithful construct magnificent building of
magic and devote their eternity to studing the magical arts. Magic is a
chaotic art from, and this place is a land of chaos, ever changing and
altering its form. Great wizards of the past each shape their own
regions into the forms they desire, and share their art with each other.

Well there you go, a rather quick write up of an alternate idea for the
outer planes of Cerilia. What is everyone else's thought on this.

- --
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