I am doing a Ruins of Empire campagign where the players control various
chucks of Dhoesone and it's holdings and work toegther as one domain.

I would appreciate it if someone with the ?"Rjuvik Highlands" expansion
could give me a little info on the Giantdowns, Stjordvik, Rjuvik, and
the Blood Skull Barony.

I'd like info on type of kingdom (ie regent and holdings ruled by the
regent), alignment, attidues twords other kingdoms, army (if possible),
and province/holding names & levels (the chart at the top left corner of
the domain desciption).

Again, I'd really apreciate it (I am getting the Rjuvik Exapnsion soon
and I don't want to play another screwed up campaign. I've played/DMed
one too many).