On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Simon Graindorge wrote:

> > 1. Should a priest who has minor access to a sphere (eg Haelyn &
> > Nercomatic) be allowed to cast realm spells in that Sphere (eg Legion of
> > dead). Another example is priests of Avani with minor access to creation
> > and the maintain armies realm spell.
> I would use the following. Minor access means that the priest can cast only
> 1st, 2nd and 3rd level spells. Thus, anything which would require the
> equivalent of 4th level spell-casting priest should b out. A priest gains
> access to 4th level spells at 7th level, so I would rule (from a purely game
> mechanics point-of-view) that any realm spells which require a character
> level of 7 or greater (ie, includes level 7) are NOT allowed.

If anyone uses the Spell Point System from Spells & Magic, there's an
option to allow priests to cast spells from spheres to which they only
have Minor access at an increased cost in points.

Generally I think the Spell Points system is quite nice, but it makes
this question even trickier. I'd suggest that Realm Spells from Minor
Spheres be cast with a 50% inefficiency in either RPs, GBs or Required
Temple Holdings (IE every three RPs or GBs spent on the spell count for