On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Kyle Foster wrote:

> While trying to find a some monsters that I felt really fit Cerilla and
> the BirthRight feel I came across a monster I had never uded before; The
> Ettercap. I was intruiged by their reletionship with Sipders and
> thought that they might fit well with THE SPIDER.
> I have 4 ways that I think he could have brought about Ettercaps.
> 1) the usualy means of bredding with goblin females.
> 2) gving his blood to some of the goblins for them to drink thus
> changing them into the Ettercaps, or anyone for that matter who drank
> the the stuff including captured humans.
> 3) an uncataloged Blood ability that some Abominations (the Hydra and
> the Sphinx, for instance) posses to alter or create unblooded monsters.
> 4) a "genetic" poision which he can injec with his bite that alters the
> vicitm.

You're right, I think ettercaps would fit in well in the Spiderfell, and I
think any of your ideas would work well. I rather like #4 myself, which
might be the physical manifestation of #3 (which is, as you say, an
uncatalogued blood ability that many awnsheighlein seem to possess, I
might add the Magian, and the Vampire to your list, and others, like the
Minotaur, the Harpy and the Hag, could easily be visualized possessing
something similar).

Mark VanderMeulen