Ok, so what does this have to do with Birthright? Well, Birthright has a
significant # of *very* important Proficiencies(I.E. Administration).
Someone pointed out that it's possible to use the Training Action to
improve your proficiencies. I'd like to conduct a poll to see how often
anyone has had the oportunity to use Training (I.E. instead of having to
use their Action to respond to some crisis, or use the rare respite from
upheval & discord to finally make some improvements to their Realm).

Sorry, but I had to respond to your rhetorical question. Never,
ecspecaily when you are talking about proficiencies that are a part of
ruling your kingdom. It seems to me that simply being sucessful at
ruling your kingdom would make you better at the job, however maybe this
is not so, and so being I propose an idea for consideration. Give all
regents an extra action each domain turn that they remain within their
own kingdom expressly for the purpose of training in some skill they
have or for learning a new one. If they go on a diplomatic mission or
leave their kingdom for another reason they still might be able to train
in a skill like Diplomacy or sailing if thats what they are doing. The
only requirement for this is that they have some type of mentor or train
to help them learn the skill they wish to train in.
Tell me what you think.
- -Sandsinger, "If that's food for thought, I'm not eating it!"

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