> 1) Player or DM?


> 2) How long have you played AD&D? Birthright?

D&D, 20+ years can't remember anymore,
Birthright, since the box came out. :)

> 3) How many Birthright Campains have you DMed in? Played in?

3 campaigns run, 1 played, 1 of the 3 still running.

> 4) How old are you?


> 5) How many people are in your playing group?

4-8 depending on the level of life the player is currently living. :)

> 6) What is the highest level campain you have played/DMed in?

I lived through H4, but only barely. When I was very young I killed
all the gods in the Dieties & Demi-Gods book (except the chinese one that
couldn't be killed). Needless to say, I don't play that way anymore. :)
I'd say the highest in the last 10 years was about 29th and that was a 17
year campaign with one character (only 4 ressurections too) and incidentally
the same character the survived H4.

> 7) what is your favorite class?

Magic user.

> 8) What class is your favorite character? Why is he/she your favorite?

Magic user.

> 9) When did you start playing AD&D? Birthright?

Didn't we address this in question #2?

> 10) What is your opinions of the published Birthright adventures?

Sword & the Crown... bad.
Sword of Roele... bad.
Warlock of the Stonecrowns... bad.
King of the Giantdowns... excellent.

I'll give reasons, even though you didn't ask for one. :) The first
three modules had a few problems in common, first, it assumed that you're
running a regent, second, it assumed that you started a new regent in a
totally different geographical area each module, and three, it assumed you
were higher level then most starting regents would be. I think the concept
of the King of the Giantdowns was much better, its a concept that can take a
starting regent (pre-regent even) and allow him to build up and get tough,
and then he would even be almost in the right region to do the Warlock of
the Stonecrowns. :)

Anyhow, I think that TSR might do better to continue the Player's
Secrets books and not worry so much about the modules, or design modules
which are not so geography specific that the regents need to move their
realms all the time. :) Of course that is a good reason to re-unite all of
Anuiria under your regent, to bring all the module locals together. hehehe

Welp, I'll go away now. Nice survey, hope Sean passes all the answers
people give along to the TSR Creative team in charge of Birthright. :)