Sorry but forgot to tell you about the BACK issues of Dragons, Dungeons, &
Polyhedrons that Troy has available. He just purchased thie RPG shop that
so many of you have been emailed about & found BOXES & BOXES of all sorts
of stuff. Some of which haven't been gone through yet!!!

Anyway a list will be available in a few days detailing the mags!!

Some include a smatering of:
Several Best of Dragons!!
Dungeons from 6-38
Polyhedrons from 46-current
Dragons daing back to #43 & maybe earlier. Several copies of lots of

If interested email me at:

Thanks for your patience!!!

Yours for deeper & better dungeons,
Thanks in advance,
Michael Mcknab

P.S. If you or anyone you know has information on
RPGA Network Slipcases please put me in contact with
them or them with me!! Also looking for a 10th
Annniversary AD&D collectors set that came in it's
own stylized slipcase. Thanks.