Hi I'm just back from vacation and have read more than 300 messages from
this list in the last two hours, so forgive for forgetting to which thread
I'm replying.

When reading the messages I came accross the mention of the land creating
bloodlines. People where asking of what derivation these bloodlines would be.
This struck me as odd since I always thought that the Land's Choice only
meant that the land invested a worthy scion with the holdings in question.
So I grabbed my book and reread the section and indeed it is possible that
the Land "creates" a bloodline, changing somebody without a bloodline into a
blooded scion.
What happens however is not a creation of a bloodline.
As the ruling regent dies with no heirs or an heir entirely unsuitable to
the land the land intervenes and looks for a proper ruler. We can assume it
first checks the blooded people of the realm (since these already have some
connection) and then continues to check the commoners. If it decides that a
commoner should recieve the regency it makes a two part investiture, first a
bloodline investiture of the dying regent's bloodline and then a normal
investiture of the dying regent's realm.
So the land doesn't really create a new bloodline, it transfers the
bloodline of the old ruler to the heir it has chosen. Thus the derivation
should always be that of the old ruler.

Jan Arnoldus