Hi everyone,

Well, I have almost all of the submissions now. A couple of people seem to
have been missed from my mailings to the SC candidates, so they have only
recently received the relevant information. For that reason, the deadline
is going to be extended until I receive their nominations (which they have
indicated should be soon). Once these submissions (I know who they are and
will be waiting for them) are in, I will post the information to the list
and the vote can get underway. If I don't get the submissions by tonight,
then I am afraid I will be out of communication for a few days while I move
house. In other words, I won' be able to post the information until my
computer is reconnected to the 'net. Hopefully I should have received the
nominations before then, but just in case...you know why I'm not
responding. So if you mail me over the weekend, I probably won't get round
to replying until early next week.

I apologise for the delay, but it will be worth it. The election
information will be posted on the homepage and also the message board, as
well as this list.