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    ok im not sure about this game i found it off of google and im not sure if it is a grafic game of a post rpg will someone plz let me know because i need a game to play
    (o and i like the berserkers helm and the chain gloves from the diablo II game{if you dont know what im talking about it is the picture right below the "links")
    so if you can plz help me it would be great.

    Thx Shrioshia

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    Birthright is a table top RPG and/or a PBeM (play by email) game. So not a PC game. A link to some info about it here: D&D Birthright

    There was, however, a PC game based off it in 98 or so, though it really isnt that good compared to current standards. Heres a link to a place where you can check it out and buy it. Birthright Gorgon's Alliance
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