> One solution, if you want tomatoes, sugar, and spices (Asian) or maize,
> potatoes, and pumpkin, is to distribute foods among the races and create a
> certain emnity of the palate between racial/dietary groups.
> Spices have already been mentioned in the Khinasi sups. Why not tomatoes,
> and sugar. While we're at it we could add the Mastetian's favorite grain
> teff (which never spread from Ethiopia in RL), now confined to a few
> realms in the islamd states.
> Potatoes might be favored among the Brechts and Rjurik, where the frosts
> are a greater threat.
> The vos are well known for their love of sweet potatoes.
Why not put a lot of this stuff in the Birthright "new worlds" of Anduria,
Djapar or ??????? My idea of an Age of Exploration campaign for Birthright is
sounding more and more appealing- or is that Appetizing?