> anything to add?

About the only thing I can add is that the weapon mastery rules are allot
of fun. If you use the full S&P, definitely enforce the mastery
limitations on non-fighter warriors (paladins can't specialize till lvl 2).
Also, as the book only goes to the mastery stage, have high mastery double
the class specific mastery, and grand mastery double that.

I really advise the 5 point allotment per level when the book suggests 3-5
points. I like having more able or more skilled characters. Award all
classes the same amount.

Critical Hits can REALLY slow down the game. As a former slugmaster GM
..... oops, I meant Rolemasterâ„¢.... definitely photocopy all the charts and
distribute them amongst the players. It really speeds things up.

Good Gaming, and you are a Great DM if you can say "exploit" about your
player's characters!