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    More Magical Weapons

    Now don't get me wrong, your magical weapons are cool, but I think you're
    infusing too much power into a BR campaign if your using them all. Many of the
    creators you propose for the items aren't of sufficient level to create a potion, let alone powerful permanent artifacts. For a good discussion on this
    subject, see Players Option: Spells and Magic. Look at what it takes to make a
    lab or altar to create magic items (4-6 GB) and then what it takes to make the
    item itself. Regents in my games would love to have the level, money and time
    to create items like these.


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    James Ruhland

    More Magical Weapons

    > People,
    > OK, this is getting a little ridiculous. Why do you people keep
    > creating all these magic items with drawbacks of loosing stats. Is
    > there an overwhelming decision to keep players down and unhappy.
    Dan: most DMs, are, in their hearts, the worst kind of munchins & Monty
    Haulers. So they like designing supra-powerful weapons. However, many DMs
    feel it is their mission in life to keep the players "down and unhappy";
    they're most satisfied when the players are most disatisfied. So, to
    balance these two conflicting aspects of their personality, they create
    supra-powerful artifact-level weapons to sprinkle the campaign with, but
    then make sure no one's ever happy to find them.

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    More Magical Weapons

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