Here's another magical item. Comments welcome.

Dagger of Healing

This bronze hilted, copper dagger was created long ago by Masetian priestesses
of Nasri. It was created about 2 HC, before the Serpent began wiping them out.
Since, then the dagger has been seen travelling across much of Cerilia.
Supposedly, when it disappears from an area, that area is slated to be
attacked and captured by someone. It was in the cities of Medici and Djira,
before they fell. It has not been seen since. The dagger has the strange
properties of being able to Cure Serious Wounds or Heal those who are tapped
by it, depending on the will of the priestess. It also has the power to allow
the wielder to Jump upon command. Each power is usable only once per day. It
is also speculated that if all three powers are used in the same day, the
dagger teleports itself a random distance and direction away.