You have some good points there, maybe some of these things have been

1) Scrolls with spells 3rd level and above outside of the Div
and Illusion schools are not usable by magicians and high level thieves.
This would make wizards even more powerful in Birthright.

2) Rods, staves, and wands can be handled as above, or they can
be ruled to be enchanted such that the power flows through the item and
not the user. The former would make wizards more powerful again, while
pretty well screwing the magicians. But what wizard is going to make
powerful magic items for those wimpy little magicians anyway.

3) Don't really remember the crossover remark, and that's Ed's
to answer anyway.

I guess it all depends on how you view the way spells are powered in

Matt Speer
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Project Specialist

From: James Donald Lail[]
Sent: Friday, December 26, 1997 23:46 PM
To: birthright@MPGN.COM
Subject: RE: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Beating the Magic Limitation

>Matt Speer said:

>Too easy and too abitrary, how about:

>"Having lowered yourself out of your rope trick

>The horrible monster looks at you in confusion as your ashes
>to the ground."

>Ed Stark said:
>You're right. This is a much more fair and equitable manner to
handle the
>rules' lawyer bast-- er, "player." I like it!

Matt & Ed you evil smucks !

How dare you castigate my brilliant observation with this fawlty
at Hum-Our. If I was not such a magnanimous, kind-hearted, and
old fart I might take offense at the levity in your replies.

BTW if you mean what you say then;
1) Scrolls that contain non-mage spells should not be usable by
a Mage
(NaW) or a High Level Thief.*
2) A Mage (NaW) should not be able to use a Rod, Staff, or Wand
to the
extent that that the RSW produces any wizard only spell
3) The person who authored the post on Wed, 22 Oct 1997
to Ed Stark on Crossover Mages has either;
a) gone over to the dark side.
b) impersonated Ed.
c) got me again.

*Of course if any of this is covered in the Book Of Magecraft
which I
am in the process of acquiring *grggghh*.

L8R :)

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