On Mon, 26 Jan 1998 c558382@showme.missouri.edu wrote:
> Ruornil should not typically have paladins, but perhaps in Medoere (given
> the theocracy), something like I mentioned would be possible. The
> Player's Secrets simply says a Paladin who belives in Ruornil, so my
> suggestion of a paladin of Haelyn with a secondary dedication to Ruornil,
> which would imply either the Votary or Ghosthunter, seems reasonable.

That's the way we're handling it. The player can't wait to get his
sordid hands on the Holy Avenger :)

I get the impression that most people in Cerilia are pretty polytheistic
- - they may worship Haelyn most of the time (for ex) but pray to Nesirie
when about to set sail, or Laerme when wooing or Ruornil when casting

Thus a Paladin of Haelyn who respected Ruornil wouldn't get problems
from the gods, but might get a hammering from his temple....