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    First I'd like to say how great it is to see Birthright alive and well! When I first purchased BR many moons ago, I fell in love with the game and cursed WOTC when they officially discontinued the line. I’ve been out of the loop for the past few years due to my pursuit of higher education and never knew the BR was really doing so well; my hardiest congratulations to all those who’ve kept a great game alive.

    I ran a BR game for about two years with anywhere between 7 to 9 players. Two of the folks lived out-of-state so most of the action took place through emails, snail mail and rare gaming sessions. My gaming group loved BR because of the political intrigue and empire building aspects. We’re old gaming hacks who’ve become rather bored with the usual hack-and-slash campaigns. BR was the perfect game for our tastes. But managing each player’s turn and those of opposing NPC regents (treasuries, regency points, actions) just became an administrative nightmare. I eventually created some Microsoft Excel worksheets that automated much of the administrative actions but even these documents couldn’t dig me out of the administrative morass with multiple regents.

    My gaming group is now spread out all over the United States and they’d like me to get the game going again. Although I’d really like to restart the campaign, I’m hesitant to do so without some form of software support to track all the actions that occur within a BR environment. Has anyone ever built any type of software to help track all the various actions and money exchanges within a BR campaign? I’m thinking of creating a website for the group and would love to integrate a data base to the site, to upload and download turn information, but I don’t want to try and create something that may already exist.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you don't mind playing with 2e rules you can try BirMail. It can be found at sourceforge.
    I do believe the birthrightonlie game using BirMail is still running. They could probably help you out if there are any questions.


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