Sage advice in Dragon covered this querey, and I believe their anser stated
that elves resistance only affected mind-influencing effects. As hold
person is an enchantment, and not a charm, an elves resistance did not

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> Date: Saturday, 24 January 1998 14:26
> John Ewan wrote:
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> > At 22:43 1/23/98 EST, you wrote:
> > >Does elves resistance to charm spells include "Hold person?"
> >
> > Yep, it is a 'charm' spell.
> I wouldn't consider Hold Person a charm spell. Elves have a partial
> immunity to charm related spells not necessarily all from the
> Enchantment/Charm school. Would they therefore also have resistance to
> spells like Confusion or Feeblemind. Charm related is more spells that
> attempt to charm a character into doing something he/she wouldn't
> normally do (Charm Person, Suggestion, etc).
> Another reason against Elves having resistance against Hold Spells is
> that it does not mention it in the player handbook as them having this.
> It says that they have resistance against Charm and Sleep spells, while
> undead in the monster manual are listed as having immunity to charm,
> sleep, and hold spells.
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