Hi all,

I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone who was involved in
designing the Birthright Campaign world. I think it has the beginnings of
one of, if not the, best campaign worlds for AD&D produced so far. I love
the detail and richness of the setting, and the introduction of politics
and large scale war is also good. I won't list all the good things, because
there are too many.

While I'm at it, I'd also like to say congratulations to all the
contributors to this list. I can honestly say I have not previously been on
a list which has so much *useful* information and is so helpful (especially
to the inexperienced like me). Keep up the excellent work everybody.

Now on to the questions:

1. Establishing a level 1 holding:

Is there any way to 'encroach' on another ruler's territory, without using
the aggravate action (twice, I think?), thus destroying ALL of their
holdings, and then trying to get in first (ie. ruling) to establish your
own. I liken it to having a very very powerful business (let's say we are
talking guild holdings), which has an absolute monopoly in this province,
being completely bankrupt by a non-existent business, who then proceeds to
takeover and dominate. It seems strange to me that there is no way (unless
I have misread the rules) to reduce somebody's holding level (by one) so
that you could establish a level 1 holding. I agree that it should be
difficult to do, and obviously the larger the existing holding level the
more difficult it will be. Any comments are (very) much appreciated.

2. Domain sourcebooks

First, the sourcebooks are generally fantastic, but just one little
request. Would it be possible to include a single page which details the
game stats for each province, preferably on the cover?? As well as all the
domain's holdings (including those outside the domain), it could include
details such as castles and fortifications (and levels), troops (type
and/or location), lieutenants and trade routes, plus anything else I have
missed. I believe this would be appreeciated greatly by both DM's and
players alike.

3. Introducing blooded characters to a domain

I have read a lot of recent posts where DM's have said that they let their
players adventure and then introduced them to regency after they get to
level 4 or so. How do the characters become regents, other than being
simply next in line for the throne? How is this handled when you (intend)
have multiple PC's as regents (ie. do they all suddenly get appointed?)?

Thanks for any reponses and keep up the good work,