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    Questions, Subscribers

    I wish to take the liberty, out of interests sake, to do a
    *census* of sorts on the Subscribers to BR.

    I would appreciate it if every subscriber could take the time to
    share their age\sex, role playing experience *in years*, and any other
    irrelavant info with their fellow subscribers.

    Note: i've got no alterior motive for doing this, other than for satisfying
    my interest as to the main age group subscribing to Br.

    Let me set the ball rolling.
    Age: 17 Role playing exp: 4yr
    Sex: Male Location: South Africa, Natal.
    Skin: White
    Interests: Role playing *D&D, Star Wars\Trek*, Star Trek Cards,
    Scuba Diving, Yaughting, Microlighting, good food, good
    women, good friends.

    Not so bad, ne?

    I would appriciate your response.

    Glenn Tungay

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    David Sean Brown

    Questions, Subscribers

    Well, here is my bio :)

    Age: 25 Role Playing Experience 17 years
    sex: Male Location Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Interests: Role Playing Ad&D, Star Wars, and just about anything else :),
    Basketball, volleyball, golf, pool, and generally having a good time.

    Hope this helps the poll


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    Bryon Switala

    Questions, Subscribers

    Alright everyone else is doing it:

    Name: Bryon Switala Age: 28
    Occupation: Student Yrs Role playing: 19
    Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI Currently: Pensacola, FL-(Soon Penacook NH)

    Role Playing Experience: D&D, AD&D, Star Frontiers, Top Secret,
    Torg, Cyberpunk 2020, White Wolf, BattleTech, Conspiracy X, Civil War on
    Line, ect. . . (used to own a GameStore in Pensacola)

    Favorite systems/Worlds: Birthright and BattleTech

    Favorite PBeM Game: Darkstar's Birthright (Guilder Bannier Andien)
    My Home Page

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    DURKS 95

    Questions, Subscribers

    Age: 19 Role playing exp: 2yr
    Sex: Male Location: Michigan, USA
    Skin: White
    Interests: Role playing *D&D, weight lifting, computers, reading, good women,
    good friends.

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    Questions, Subscribers

    This is my first post, although I've been a silent observer for about a

    Name: Brad Skinner Age: 24
    Occupation: Economist (It's more interesting than it sounds)
    Yrs roleplaying: 12 Yrs DMing: 4
    Birthplace: Salisbury, MD Currently: Yale, OK

    Roleplaying Experience: AD&D, Birthright for about a year and a half. Marvel
    Super Heroes. Car Wars.

    If any one happens to read this far down my bio list, I think it would also be
    interesting if we listed a little bit about our campaigns. I'd like to know
    where most of us are concentrated in Cerilia, along with a little about the

    I run two. One is low level all Vos (Thank Haelyn I finally got Tribes
    yesterday), operating out of Ariya. The other is mid-level (5th avg). This
    group is really mixed with 2 Anuireans, 1 Brecht, 2 Vos, and a half-elf out of
    the Sielewood. They just managed to take control of Cariele and have ruled
    for about nine month of game time.

    B.S. Skinner

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    wiliam bokey

    Questions, Subscribers

    Name: Curt Bokey
    Age: 23
    Location: Athens, Georgia; U.S.A.
    Role playing exp: 8 years
    Interests/Hobbies: Birthright, Basketball, Battletech, Boardgames, Bodacious Babes, Beer. Also camping,rafting and other outside activities; as well as horseback riding, hunting, weapons collecting.

    I'm in a group with five other people here at the University of Georgia, all of about the same age. We play mainly the role-playing aspect of birthright, even though most of the group rule Taline through a "Knights of the round Table" approach. Getting ready to attempt to incorporate the Tsr product "The Rod of Seven Parts" into our little world, after which I figure we will have to begin anew with different characters. Kind of looking foward to it, maybe try running this next campaign in the new Vos part of Cerillia.

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    Questions, Subscribers

    OK my turn:

    Name:Clint Laws Age:19
    Occupation:Student (Anthropology) Role-Playing:5 years
    Birthplace:Wellington, New Zealand Currently:Same place

    Role Playing Experience: AD&D (F.Realms, Dragonlance and BR), Runequest
    Fav class: Ranger
    Other Interests:Magic: The Gathering, Movies etc

    - --

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    Simon Graindorge

    Questions, Subscribers

    Well, here's my bio:

    Age: 23 Role playing exp: 8 years
    Sex: Male Location: Perth, Western Australia.
    Occupation: Mechanical Engineer, currently doing a PhD

    Roleplaying Experience: D&D, AD&D, Middle Earth, Rolemaster, Spacemaster,
    Paranoia, Robotech, Twilight 2000, Car Wars, Heroes, Runequest, Traveller,
    Mechwarrior...and probably some others I can't think of :-)

    Interests: Computers, computer games, roleplaying, my girlfriend ...

    Hope this contributes to the survey. Cheers,

    Simon Graindorge

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