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    Jim Cooper

    Hats off to Ed Stark

    Hi folks:

    Just picked up my copy of Tribes of the Heartless Waste on the weekend
    and, I must say, this is perhaps the best Birthright product to date. I
    won't spoil the fun for anyone who hasn't read it, but its well worth
    picking up a copy; it was like Ed Stark reading my mind (about the Vos)
    ... at least I now know that I was thinking along the same lines as the
    game designers! Especially about the Rovninodensk write-up - sheesh, its
    EXACTLY the way I envisioned it would be!


    Hats off to Ed Stark, I thought TotHW was thorough and well thought out.
    Keep 'em coming!


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    Hats off to Ed Stark

    I think Ed's psycic abilities are aided by the fact that he listens to his
    customers and incorporates ideas that we give him and ask for into his work.

    Keep writing ideas you want to see in Cerilia. Carrie, Ed and the rest of the
    BR team will "listen" to them. They may later roast them on a spit, but
    they'll listen ;).

    The BR team has a proven track record of giving the audience what they want.
    IMO Tribes is the final proof of that. Ideas/requests for Vosgaard were asked
    for two years ago and many found their way into the finished product.

    I myself had to do some tweaking, but I've been playing in Vosgaard for some
    time and seem to have a Mongol-Goblin fetish.

    Ka-Khan of Kal Kalathor,


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    Brenda L Santer

    Hats off to Ed Stark

    I agree with those who have written to say that Ed Stark did a great job on
    Tribes of the Heartless Wastes. It is great. I like the format and the
    information is very well detailed.

    My only problem with Tribes of the Heartless Watses was a very small one. I
    really like the orogs and think they are great as villains/unexpected
    allies/problematic neighbours/whatever a Dm can think of. They are much
    more interesting than regular AD&D orcs. When I got to the section of the
    DM's Guidebook on the Sword Rust Tribes, I was really looking forward to
    seeing what had been done with them. But how did they get to be "perhaps,
    the only realm of orogs on Cerilia"? I realize that the Blood Skull Barony
    of the Rjurik Highlands is not exclusively orog, but Thrakkazz, the Scarlet
    Baron, is an orog and a number of the Barony's provinces are orog ruled.
    And what about the Iron Hand Orogs of the Khinasi lands?

    Anyway, I guess if that is the biggest complaint I have about the set, I
    can't be too upset. Though I purchase a wide variety of products for the
    TSR gameworlds, I have to say that the Birthright products continue to
    impress me with their usefulness and their attention to detail. I'm looking
    forward to more great products, and hopefully more novels in the future.

    Brenda Santer:

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