> It sounds like you have done a lot of work on this system Mark. However,
> the problem with this system IMHO is that a whole lot of other titles
> have to be changed to accomodate it. The rules of various kingdoms may
> counts (as in Taeghas or Ilien), Dukes (as in Tuornen and Osoerde),
> (as in Diemed and Ghoere), Princes (as in Avanil), or Archdukes (as in
> Boeruine), or Queen (as in Aerenwe), as well as the vaious titles that
> indicate priestly rulers.
Good point: replace the various titles in dude's system with Earl,
Viscount, Baronet*, then, though; and it works the same. Roesone is a "new"
foundation, so the system set up their wouldn't nessisarily have to reflect
the breakdown of the old imperial title system (with dudes of various power
levels regardless of title, as you said later). But it would be unlikely
that the Roesone's would use the same titles for their lesser nobility,
'cause other (powerful) realms might take it wrong (wars have started over
less), and it would cause confusion.

*I could provide more original, less boring titles, but no one would care,
so you're stuck with this.

> Really. There was a huge thread about defilers some time back . . .
> probably suffer the same fate.

With the exception that the vivisection would be done using magic.

> I actually keep track of individual bloodline parts. A character could
> have 3 points of Azrai blood, 2 points of Basia and 10 Anduiras. I use
> a simple majority rules system. Bloodline shifts if you gain blood of
> another line (through bloodtheft) that is makes it greater than the
> others. In the example the character has an Anduiras bloodline but if
> they gained 8 points of blood through bloodtheft of an Azrai line, they
> would become of Azrai blood. Of course the players were never told
> this, they just noticed effects when there is a shift. I make a gradual
> change, as their old powers fade out and new ones begin to appear. I
> know this is more complicated than some systems, but it worked fine for
> me.
If it works for you, that's cool. Sounds like an interesting system, but
complicating record keeping. Plus, what happens to old blood abilities? I
for one hold to the view that over time any bloodpoints you gain through
bloodtheft fall into sync with your old bloodline, and become
indistinguishible from it (if only a few are gained). Since bloodtheft is
rare in my campaigns, anyhow, this works for me, and it's a lot easier than
what you described.