I don't know the answer to this one myself, but it's been hashed over
numerous times. So, somebody answer his question, and let's make sure
this one gets on the FAQ as well.

Ok, my time to make an actual contribution (!) rather than just babbling.
P. 14 of the Rulebook states that Psionics are unknown in Cerilia (how
about, say, Aduria? Might be something to give thouse Empires a leg up,
since they don't have blooded dudes, for the most part). Anyhow, it goes on
to say that if the players and DM agree, psionic dudes could show up. Note
also that Cerilia is perhaps a planar backwater, but it CAN be reached from
other planes/campaign worlds. So psionicists could sneak in that way. It
all depends on what kind of campaign you want to have.

One more thing to add to my screed on dude's trade route problem; I said
that he could use another Decree to surpress the route if folks didn't pay
the tax. This is true, but the TR owner might then try to smuggle goods;
anythings fair. You'd then have to judge how successful his smuggling
scheme is, and how effective any countermeasures are. Who said DMing was
gonna be easy? (Not I...) Note also that just like regular AD&D (you know,
adventures n stuff), characters can try anything they want, even if they're
rulers. Its up to you (assuming your the DM) to judge how successful they
are. The rules provide a solid framework, but (thank god*) they don't cover
every eventuality.

*Can you imagine what the game would be like if they did? I've already got
a set of books, accessories, etc. that more than rivals most encyclopedias.
It would be like the Memorial Library at UW-Mad. if they covered

Ok, now I made my "solid citizen" contributions for the day, back to
>Mr. Stark:

Please call me Ed ... ;-)

Just don't call you Mr. Ed, right? 8-) (though it would give new meaning to
"straight from the horses mouth...")

Now, as a game designer on the BR
line, my interpretations are going to have more wide-reaching
effects--probably, though with all these netbooks ... ;-)

This is true, and it's (IMO) part of the problem. Not to be too critical,
but as a person who has both played and DMd, I know that it is easy for the
DM to say "you can't do that bec. the rules say you can't" but it's a lot
harder to deny a player something when he can point to the rule and say
"here, it says that half elves can rule their sources up to thus and such".
I liked your second explaination a bit better: C. Shaefpaete gets to due
this 'cause he's such a great guy, the gods just smile on him (or
whatever). This means that while it CAN be done, under certain
circumstances, it isn't the default category, I.E. if players want the same
benifit, they have to reasurch, or steal into his castle (adventure!) and
find out how he learned how to do that, etc. and the DM can decide if/when
they learn enough to implement it themselves. Unfortunately, the clause
isn't written that way... Another thing that bugs me as a player, and even
as a DM ('cause players will whine about it) is the "...being an NPC, he
gets away with stuff..." excuse. Goes along with finding powerful artifacts
n stuff in published adventures (like, say, Eggs of the Phoenix), and
saying "opps, you risked your [fundiments] to get it, but you can't keep
it". Or, to really vent (sorry), the constant drumbeat in the Dragon and
other TSR organs (harback books, etc) warning against the dangers of
powergamming and adding too many magic items to adventures, when, IMO, the
most out-of-whack characters I've ever played/seen were the product of
going through published aventures (official TSR stuff; crowns of the naga,
numerous staffs of power, etc...). Ok, rant over. Point (assuming their was
one) is that it would make our lives (well, mine at least, the others here
might have better ways of dealing with this kind of problem, like killing
the players ruthlessly when they step out of hand, like in the elf
character thing). Where was I? Oh, yah, would make our lives easier if
stuff like that didn't just pop up; the rule's interesting, but it would've
been better (IMO) if it was flagged as an optional thing, or a special
circumstance, or whatever.

Ok, now that I've gone on for half a page ranting about something I *don't*
like, let me say, in response to your respose to the future of the line
that 1) good to hear that it has one, for the near future at least, and 2)
The artwork (color et al) I've enjoyed it, I think it was very well done,
but if it is nessisary to cut costs, I don't care if the production quality
declines to the level of the old Judges Guild stuff (memories...), as long
as the content quality stays high* and the line survives. Now I've got to
go finish that NPC article I'm writting for TD, as part of an actual
effort. I'm way behind. G.B. will smack me...

*The thing I just B&Med about is one of a *very few* criticisms I have
about the game.