The problem here is one of scale. When we talk of kings and queens, we =
refer to Richard and Louis type examples. That is not what the scale of =
Birthright is. Sure Michael Roele was on that scale, but the Baroness =
of Rosoene isn't. She's just a Baroness, her land isn't that big.

As your lands get bigger it becomes harder to get away from the palace. =
Hence I would think that individuals like Darren Avan, Aeric Bouerine, =
and Gavin Tael, or even the Mhor would find it difficult to go =
adventuring. But the smaller realms, or even the ones that don't rule =
as completely (Elinie, Coeranys) might be able to get away from the =
court. They might even have to. As someone else suggested they might =
be the one of only a few people in the realm capable of dealing with a =
monster or other complicated situation.

The other option is to forgo the solo adventuring. Perhaps you have =
some lieutenants that won't let you go anywhere without at least your =
personal bodyguards (those people you get as described in the rulebook). =
You travel around the countryside with these guys, then when you get to =
the dungeon crawl (for instance) you leave them outside and brave the =
underground evils yourself. It would solve a problem I always had, who =
guards the damn horses when your all underground?

Matt Speer

Okay guys, I'm convinced. Thanks. Oh by the way, my life doesn't =
around Star Trek. I was just alluding to a book called, "How to Write =
Fiction and Fantasy" by Orson Scott Card. In it he says that Novels =
revolve around Kings and Queens are doomed to failure because they don't =
any freedom to act.

- - Elton Robb
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