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Thread: RE Crossover

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    Joel Parrish

    RE Crossover

    ======== Original Message ========
    Since elves can cast true magic (but not realm magic unless they're
    blooded) any elven wizard who crossed over from another setting should
    be able to keep casting his spells.
    Human and half-elf crossovers would first have to become blooded before
    they can cast true magic (killing or investing). A general mage should
    be able to use his 8 &9 th level illusion spells to trick somebody into
    investing him or make an easy kill. The only problem is that he first
    has to figure out what is happening. When the first spell he wants to
    throw in Cerillia is fireball to keep those goblins away he is going to
    be quite surprised.

    Jan Arnoldus
    'unsubscribe birthright' as the body of the message.
    ======== Fwd by: Joel Parrish ========
    I really can't agree with your idea on the elves. The reason that any elf on
    Aberynis(sp?) can cast true magic is that they are so strongly connected to
    the land, the land on this planet/plane. An elf from another plane would not
    have this connection. A tree may be a tree, but it would not have the same
    connection, the same natural resonance. I believe it might be better to say
    that a plane-walking elf can only cast as a magician's spells for a period
    of time, while his body and spirit adjusts to the new plane, then he would
    be able to cast True Magic, but not Realm until becoming a regent.

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    RE Crossover

    Even if the human mages do not get all their spells, elves and half-elves do
    because of the elven connection to the land.

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