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    Morten Helles

    Unblooded Regents

    Darkstar wrote:

    > > I hate to be a party pooper, but the Adurians were in fact present
    > > at the battle of Deismaar. They fought under Azrai's banner...
    > Perhaps you could point out where this was mentioned in the books. I
    > read through the entire atlas which has the history and the battle at
    > deismaar, but did not see a mention of Adurian forces.

    Found it! Look in the atlas on p. 7, 1. column, at top: "All this time,
    the emperors of the southern continent had been busy. Their armies,
    after easily conquering the lands vacated by the five original tribes,
    began the arduous march toward Cerilia. The kings of the new Cerilian
    nations realized the danger no all sides of them, and began marshalling
    their forces to combat the encroaching evils." ...

    Although it doesn't explicitly state it, I guess they ALL met at Mount
    Deismaar in the great battle involving the five tribes, the Adurians,
    the elves, the dwarves and the humanoids.


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    Unblooded Regents

    Morten Helles wrote:
    > > My theory is therefore, that they were NOT there. Yes.. it is strange
    > > that they were not, but the (little) evidence we have tells us that
    > > they weren't. I guess a possible 'solution' to why they weren't there
    > > was that they had been pushed back across the straights to Aduria
    > > before the battle at Deismaar.
    > If that is so, then why would ALL the races of Cerilia journey to
    > distant southwestern Cerilia, on the landbridge between Aduria and
    > Cerilia, and do battle there? The reason must have been to meet the
    > Adurians marching north before they entered Cerilian lands.

    Perhaps because they had been forced south by the Humanoids, Elves and
    Vos controlled by the Shadow.

    > Perhaps the order of battles is this: Adurians journey towards Cerilia
    > and is "greeted" by the southward marching cerilian troops somewhere
    > between Cerilia and the Adurian Empire. Over the next few months battles
    > rage and several thousand soldiers are killed. Both sides weakened by
    > the battle, Azrai decides this to be a perfect moment for his troops to
    > join and so they march toward southwestern Cerilia. They all meet at
    > Mount Deismaar... for the Big Bang. :)
    > However, if - in the first battle - the Cerilians were truly victorous
    > and killed/routed all Adurians, then the second battle at Mount Deismaar
    > would be free of Adurians. And your theory would hold.

    Maybe the Cerilian troops marched south defeated the Adurians and then
    headed back north to do battle with Azari and his horde. The two sides
    then met at Deismaar.
    Of course the could have all just met there because it was the highest
    mountain in the area and therefore closer to the gods or something like

    Just a few thoughts. It doen't really apply to the info I am posting for
    Aduria though as most of the southern rulers do not have bloodlines.
    There are a few that do though.

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