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>1. The fact that it is built on the ruins of 2 other past cities.
>Uh, didn't anyone cast any divination spells to see if the location
>was feasible? An engineer should recognize bad terrain, even if
>it is frozen over. And the city would have taken longer than that to

Old ruins probably mean the site is excellent for a city. Think about our
own world. Some sites have been built upon by various civilizations over the
centuries(ie. Rome, Athens, Cairo, etc.). Of course I would be curious as to
what caused thier fall.

>2. Sand Stone walls? You are kidding, right? This is one of the
>rainiest places in Cerilia, and they built their outer walls out of
>sandstone? This is a really bad idea. They'd have to replace it
>every 20 years due to erosion. Or perhaps even sooner than that.
>And where are they getting the sand stone from? Importing from

I think this may have been an oversight, or prehaps the sandstone is
enchanted in some way. Or even maybe all those Dwarves figured out how to
waterproof this light and easy to work stone.

>3. Dwarves. There are Dwarves in Talinie. Lots of them. Are they
>subject to the same religious rules as the rest of the population?
>Worshipping other gods aside from Haelyn is a crime in Talinie. Not
>attending regular services is a crime in Talinie. Worshipping any
>god other than Moradin goes against Moradin's Laws. It must suck to
>be a Dwarf here. Perhaps that's why they keep building sand stone
>walls to protect this city. Out of spite.

I would rule that the Dwarves are exempt from those rules. They are not
Human, and even these zealots wouldn't risk a Human/Dwarf war over this. As
long as the Dwarves don't try to "corrupt" the Human population they should
be fine. As always all this is IMHO.


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the road to survival or ruin.
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