John Campbell wrote:

> Flame: ON
> (_x_)
> ::sigh:: It is attitude like this "Online Coordinator's" that gets my
> goat. My name is John. What's yours?
> But, to get beyond the back-side of my goat... :-)
> I don't feel as though I _have_ to use the Domain mechanics in BR. I
> use
> them because they ROCK.

Yes, the domain mechanics are a cool facet of the game, but in case
you haven't noticed, there is a heck of a lot more to the game than
simply domain mechanics....this IS supposed to be a role playing game,
and IMHO, even without the domain mechanics, it's a far cooler world
than forgotten realms or ravenloft.

> As far as crunching numbers goes AD+D is rampant with number-crunching
> for
> those that need it, but fortunately most of it can be easily ignored.
> What do you think is wrong with "a 'wargame with role-playing
> aspects,' as
> a former TSR CEO mistakenly defined it"?
> Or a RPG with wargame aspects? If you take the positive perspective
> you
> might see how much of the Domain mechanics does not involve war at
> all. I
> would hope the play-balance makes war very wasteful of resources.
> That
> might make for some interesting discussion....

And what exactly is wrong with ADDING more role playing elements for
those who want to use them?? Is there really a negative to this?
They're not saying they're getting rid of the domain actions, simply
they're possibly going to streamline them and they will be adding more
cultural etc detail so that it becomes a better world for role playing.
This way everyone is satisfied. You don't HAVE to use something you
don't feel like using....

> The BR Domain mechanics is what make this game worth buying. Expand
> on it.
> Examine it Play VGAPlanets, Civilization, or any other game that
> involves the economics of growth and crisis management. It is the
> future.
> Don't be another XEROX. Maybe you should, I would like to see what
> would happen if other game designers take this and run with it.
> Anyone?
> Anyone?

A big reason for these changes, remember (if you bothered to look at
the Wizard's of the Coast evaluation of TSR's product lines) is that
birthright is not doing well. Guess what! If birthright doesn't
improve in the next year I would bet that Wizards will deep six this
product line. Seems to me that the big trend these days is actually
towards less number crunching and more free flowing role playing (ie.
Dragonlance saga system, White Wolf world of darkness etc ). By
increasing the roleplaying support for birthright they are broadening
the potential audience for the setting and will most likely increase
their customer base. And THAT, my friend, is what will keep birthright
products on the shelves.

Paul L.