Anuirean Journal - Issue 26 ( Roelir / 573 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
12 Coin Street, Market District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Nobles
Printing By: Royal Collage of Sorcery
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(9/2) Alamie besieges Tournen Capital, latest reports from the war.
(3/3) War continues between Ariya and Zikala, Our exclusive report from
front lines.
(4/3) Medoere demand end to "Bandit" problem in Diemed.
(9/3) Entier Gladanil of Cariele kidnapped, kingdom in turmoil.

North West Anuire:
Includes: Boeruine, Tournen, Alamie, and Talinie.

(9/2 - Alamie/Tournen) The war between the kingdoms of Alamie and
has continued and is now into its 3rd month. For a while it looked as
though the fighting was over following the defeat of the Alamie invasion
force two months ago. But it was not to be and just yesterday word
us here in Anuire City of renewed fighting between the two realms.
A large force of Alamie soldiers under the command of Duke Alam himself
have marched into the Tournen capital and engaged the main forces of the
combined WIT/Tournen armies. Fighting was fierce and many soldiers have
been lost on both sides. Our estimates place the death toll at somewhere
near 4,000 troops, although some soldiers have been captured by both
The last report from the front lines spoke of the Tournen capital
surrounded by nearly 2,000 Alamie soldiers while about half that number
trapped inside defending the city. Alamie has launched several
attacks but have yet to breach the walls of the city. The ruler of
Laela Flaertes, and her ally the high priest of the Western Imperial
of Haelyn are also trapped within the city and Duke Alamie is attempting
break down the cities defences and capture the Tournen leaders before
expected reinforcements from the other Tournen provinces arrive.
There have also been reports of a mysterious mage assisting the Tournen
forces. During one of the battles between Tournen and Alamie recently
mage is said to have appeared and destroyed two units of Alamie
including their artillery before disappearing. A call had gone out from
Tournen for any true mage who wish to help to please go to Tournen to
assist in its defence. This may not be needed however as our reports
indicate that the WIT has been hiring large numbers of soldiers for the
defence of the rest of Tournen and that these troops may soon be heading
for Haesrien to defend the regent and her few remaining soldiers.

(12/2 - Boeruine) The Boeruine trading guild has recently sponsors the
building to two new bridges, one into Taline across the Black River, and
the other over the Elfwash River into Taeghas. Both have been
of local stone and are large and strong enough to support any sort of
traffic. This has been the latest step in the guilds expansion and
process which has seen it building roads, warehouse, palaces as well and
planting trees and shrubs to improve the look of the land.

(17/3 - Talinie) The renegade guilder, Storm Holtson is today behind
in a Talinie prison after he was captured in a daring raid on the five
peaks by Cowan the Sword. The mercenary had been hired to capture the
guilder just two weeks ago and was successful in his attempt. According
our source Storm was hiding out in one of the Five Peaks provinces where
had been selling weapons to the various Goblin and Monster chief in the
area. He had also been attempting to create an army to march back into
Talinie and take control. All these plans have failed however and he is
imprisoned in Eagles Roust, the worst prison in Talinie.

South West Anuire:
Includes: Avanil, City of Anuire, Taeghas, Broesengae, and Mieres

(24/2- City of Anuire) There has been some trouble in the waters outside
the Imperial City over recent month. It seems that every merchant in
is trying to gain control of the trade into and out of the City. The
recent altercation has been between the Anuirean Trading Company and one
the Galleons belong to the Iron Hills. The vessel was attempting to land
with a load of ore from the Iron Hills, but was forced away by two ship
under the control of the ATC. No major damage was reported and the Iron
Hills vessel travelled on instead to the Broesengae province of Marilen
where they off loaded their cargo.
In other news from the city, Darien Avan has decided to hand over
of his police force based in the city to Caliedhe Dosiere.

(16/3 - Mieres) The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn has begun the
of a massive cathedral dedicated to Haelyn in the Mieres province of
Seaward. The IHH has recently expanded into that kingdom and is now
to expand further, replacing the Eastern Temple of Nesiere as the second
most powerful religion in Mieres. This new cathedral is intended to
the IHH's control on the province of Seaward, although they have yet to
deal with the powerful temple of Eloele based there.

Southern Anuire:
Includes: Diemed, Medoere, Roesone, Ilien, and Aerenwe.

(24/2 - Aerenwe/Roesone) Agreement looks close on a treaty between
and the allied realms of Roesone and Medoere. Recent messages sent
the different parties suggest that the three kingdoms may soon be joined
an alliance of mutual protection. This follows recent rumours that have
reached our ears of a secret organisation dedicated to the overthrow of
Medoere ruler, Lenviath da Enlien. Although we can not confirm these
rumours it is obvious that something momentous is occurring in the
and soon the drums of war may again beat in the kingdoms of the south.

(4/3 - Diemed) The temple of Rournil has been complaining over recent
over a lack of patrols in Diemed. It seems that a large amount of money
meant for the royal treasury in Braeme has instead been stolen on the
their by bandits. Medoere is very upset about this loss and has demanded
the Diemed put an end to the bandit problem.
According to high priest Lenviath da Enlien unless something is done
then Medoere may have to take steps to guard its caravans from these
constant bandit attacks.
The Orthodox Imperial Temple of Haelyn has called Medoere's demands "the
pitiful cry of desperate fools" and claimed that the money was not being
stolen by bandits, but rather disheartened priest of Rournil were
off with the money. The OIT has also called on Medoere to put some money
back into the province of Moere instead on only taking. High Priest
Briesen claimed that the priests of Rournil in Moere had enchanted the
people with their weird magic and were tricking the people into giving
their wealth.

Central Anuire:
Includes: Endier, Ghoere, Mhoried, and Elinie

(2/1 - Endier) Despite the war going on between Alamie and Tournen at
moment the people of Endier can still find the time to celebrate. The
regent Lauriel Kalien hosted a large festival for the people of the free
city to celebrate the completion of the new Endier University. Ale and
were handed out freely to all who attending and the minstrels payed for
the regent entertained the crowd until late in the night. Also present
various members of the Anuirean Journal who were in Endier to look at a
possible relocation to that province because of its non-existent taxes.

(14/2 - Ghoere) Baron Vaesil Tael of Ghoere has been finally completed
pet building project in the south of his kingdom. A line of forts and
castles have been built to protect the south of Ghoere from any
in the direction. This expensive project has been underway for over four
years and despite some minor setbacks has been completed on time. The
has said that he is now free to concentrate on some other problems that
have been piling up, including the acts of evil being committed against
vassal the Haelyn's Aegis temple by Coeranys, and Elinie.

(18/3 - Elinie) The Life and Protection of Avanalae has finally
construction of its massive palace and temple in the city of Ansien. The
new palace still has to be officially opened but work has finally
and soon worshippers and priest alike will be able to see if the money
spent has been put to good use.

Northern Anuire:
Includes: The Five Peaks, Thurazor, Cariele, Dhoesone, and Tuarhievel.

(29/2 - Five Peaks) A large number of guilders and temple have recently
began expanding into provinces in the Five Peaks in an attempt to bring
some sort of order to the rough and dangerous realm. Among the most
successful of these have been the Militant Order of Cuiraecen and The
Boeruine Trading Guild who have both build holdings in the various
provinces of the Five Peaks and are continuing to expand. However they
failed to have gained as much influence as the guild of Storm Holtson
has holdings through out the Five Peaks, mainly dealing in weapons.
Storm has recently been captured by Talinie and although his holdings
now under the control of a lieutenant it is unlikely to gain any more of
hold than it already has.

(9/3 - Cariele) Entier Gladanil has been kidnapped! The regent was
by a group of men who broke into the palace during a night two weeks
The kingdom is in turmoil as the search for the regent continues, but so
far no-one has found any trace of him. No ransom message has been
and it is still unknown if the regent is still alive or has been killed
his kidnappers.

Eastern Anuire:
Includes: Osoerde, Coeranys, Iron Hills, Sielwode, and Baruk-Azhik.

(5/2 - Coeranys) Coeranys has expressed its concern over recent actions
Ghoere with the Haelyn's Aegis temple burning down the temples of the
and Protection of Avanalae. To prevent this happening in her kingdom the
duchess has ordered that the temples belonging to Haelyn's Aegis be
and their priest be ejected from the kingdom, until they learn to treat
their fellow religions with a little more respect. This notice was
throughout Coeranys by the duchesses agents.

"The brutal actions of Haelyn's Aegis against LPA in Ghoere which
in the destruction of temple property and the murder of priests and lay
followers have caused me to fear the same happening in the Coeranys. I
thus taken action to ensure that such events do not happen here in the
future. The people of the Coeranys must be allowed to continue to
as they please. Continued worship of Haelyn in the Coeranys will not be
prohibited in any way."

(9/2 - Iron Hills) The Iron Hills has expanded its trading operations
extensively with the purchase of a large number of new vessels to carry
goods from Mhowe to other lands to the west. According to King Finn he
hoping that the sight of Iron Hills vessels will become a common one
and that his guilds can expand into other lands for the benefit of all

(24/3 - Baruk-Azhik) The Dwarven guilds of Baruk-Azhik have a new leader
again after only two years under Caenwuinde Braegmiere. Who is the new
leader of the royal Guild is still unknown but it is known the initials
his name are R.T.

Includes: Rhormarch, Coullabhie, The Burrows, Ariya, Binsada, The
Aftane, Sendoure,
The Tarvan Waste, Zikala, and Mesire.

(23/2 - Rhormarch) The Halfling head of the Breadfruit North-South guild
has been in Rhormarch this week making arrangements with King Alaric I
future trading between his guilds and Rhormarch. While there he made a
pledge of money to Rhormarch to assist with the rebuilding effort. The
guilder was only in Rhormarch for a couple of days before moving on to
In other news in Rhormarch, the Frodrik Foresstannen guild has handed
control of its small police force to the king in return for being named
royal guild of Rhormarch. A notice was sent out from the royal court

I, King Alaric I,

decree that the Frodrik Foresstannen Guild will be the official merchant
house of Rhormarch. However, those guilds already settled in Rhormarch
welcomed to stay and aid in Rhormarch's future, but no new guilds,
house or trading companies will be established without the consent of
King Alaric I,

Another notice was posted to the people of Rhormarch by the king later
the week.

Let it be know to all the people in Rhormarch that the parties of
in Rhormarch have pledged themselves workers for the better of our fine
country. After one and a half years from the atrocities performed by the
black Horde, all guilds and temples in Rhormarch have made efforts and
donations to rebuild the country. I am glad with this,as the people will
glad with it I suppose. Some time ago I felt that the people of
had given me so much credence that I could feel their loyalty and good
moods cruising through my veins. Dear men and women, I have never felt
better before! It is good that I feel how my people go around their
praise the Gods that I was bestowed such a gift! Now my good people I
thee fair dealings and a good life, live long and prosper!
Alaric I.

(3/3 - Ariya) We have now received further information about the war
between Ariya and Zikala in the Khinasi lands. Here is our exclusive
from our correspondent in Ariya.
With the liberation of Alhazir province from the Zikalans, the small
of the heretics has been destroyed and the last vestiges of that cult
erased from the province. Already, the priests of Avani have begun to
the true faith to the people.
The continued holy war against Zikala has also led to increased temple
activity in Kfeira and the new province of Fadkami. Priests there report
additions to the holy temples and rising attendance at the ceremonies
devoted to Avani. All hope that there will be a speedy end to the
war and that the people of Zikala will soon be liberated from the grasp
the heretics in the cities of Zikala and Turin.
There has also been a noted increase in the marketplaces of Ariya and
the herds of Kfeira and Kouzir. The blessings of Avani continue to bring
prosperity to the faithful.
Another great battle has been fought outside the gates of the city of
Zikala. The Grand Vizier el-Zisef summoned the magic of the land to use
against the Ariyan host but his magic proved to weak against that of the
Ariyan wizards, Rahil the Falcon and Lord Khalil el-Arrasi. The troops
believed that they were protected against the magic by Avani
Still, there was great destruction unleashed by the magic used during
subsequent battle and there was fierce fighting on the field. As the
cleared, it was apparent that the Ariyan host had again driven the
numbers of the Zikalan army from the field. Only a third of the Zikalan
army survived to seek the shelter of the cities walls.
There, they joined the city's militia. All told, perhaps 1200 Zikalans
perished in the battle and another 200 were captured and sent back to
Ariya. The Ariyan army also suffered great losses, as up to 1000
gave their lives in the struggle against the heretic forces.
The remainder of the army and a number of reinforcements from Ariya's
provinces regrouped in Alhazir.
There will surely be another battle as the cultists within Zikala rally
their misguided supporters and the faithful of Ariya continue to muster