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    Tripp Elliott

    Computer Birthright

    Bob Clardy wrote:

    > For more information about the computer Birthright game, take a look at
    > its web site at:
    > The site gives a good overview of the game, has a downloable demo of the
    > full game (less the adventures), has details of a contest to win the
    > Sword of Roele, and has a message board full of comments and reviews of
    > the game.

    I downloaded the Demo, has anyone else been able to get it running? I seem to be having trouble.


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    Computer Birthright

    In a message dated 97-08-06 20:21:55 EDT, you write:


    I got it up and running with no difficulties. It starts you off in Dhoesone
    but you can change your starting province and it runs for 10 turns then punts
    you out.
    Many of the game screens are disabled, such as the battle screens and the
    adventure screens and your advisors never update but other than that it ran

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