Im thinking for my own campage.

I like to have the blood of the vampires, and werewolfs to be as powerfull as the other bloods. even thow thay cant usualy store RP. there abilitys are based on the same blood system. And if your not carefull you will be infected by therer Dark blood. thet will lie low and dorment in your system until it is called forward.

Green Knight wrote:
2. Ther will be a bloodline score (meta-game concept), which will tie directly to bloodline strength (in-game concept). This is a departure fro 2E, which had only a loose connection between score and strength.
3. The bloodline strengths will be named: tainted, minor, major, great, and true. I don't see any reason to change this.
I feel like it sould be loose connection.
it sould be relatively easy to gain bloodpoints (depented on the DM)
But gaining a better bloodline strength would require ability.

Im thinking thet the bloodline strength is a blood ability

taking the blood ability of graiter blood strength alows you to store more Rp and so on.

and thet would be the only way to store RP, without this ability you cant store Rp.

Every one sould at least have the tainted blood strength in order to store some Rp. without it your blooded, but realy an unfit ruler.