eas for using forged documents, placed objects that

suggest identity, or similar misdirected attributions.

1) Hostile agents allow a forged document to fall into the hands of the PC`s

underlings which contains factual material. The purpose is to convince the

players that this document is intended to throw them off the track. The

forgery is not so tough that the PC`s won`t be able to detect its a forgery

or at least have someone who can detect it.

2) Same set-up but the purpose is to divide a realm against itself as some

believe the documents` contents to be true and use the document as evidence,

and others who reject the documents as forgeries and are offended that such

worthless evidence would be seriously weighed.

3) This time the information is presented either in person, or the documents

are presented in person. They are still intended to be questioned as false,

but the person presents them as true in order to convince the PC`s or their

agents that he is on their side.

In Ep II, the Clone Wars, Count Dooku tells Obi-Wan factual information

about the corruption of the republic. His intent at the moment seemed to be

case 3, to woo Obi-Wan. Later Yoda seems to interpret this same information

according to case 1, rejecting the truth because the source is unreliable.

In BR, Avanil may allow information concerning war preperations to fall into

Boeruine`s hands in a form that is so biased that Boeruine regards it as a

trick, and does not act on it. Putting it in the hands of a third party

diplomat who has a sycophantic streak regarding the Archduke would help

Boeruine to regard the bearer of the document as incredible. No one ever

believes chicken little even when she says don`t trip on the goblet on the

floor, because she is known for predicting the falling of the sky. Likewise

the boy who cried wolf. If the first Boeruine hears of war plans comes from

someone who thinks Avanil invades twice a week as it is, the Archduke may

disregard confirming evidence until its too late.

Kenneth Gauck