e a head`s up, I`m going to be pretty busy for the next

week or so, folks. I will be checking in from time to time--hopefully

daily--just to make sure the sky hasn`t fallen or anything. I don`t expect

that anyone`s giddy with anticipation or anything, but when I get back I

hope finish and post several things I`ve been working on:

1. There are three creature descriptions I`ve been writing up; one minor

awnsheghlien, one not so minor, and a sort of SW creature. The Gremlin,

the Dun Angel and a write up for the "Spirit Guide" that will be a sort of

angel of death/Valkyrie spirit creature that aids the dead cross the

barrier of the Shadow World in order to reach their ultimate spiritual

plane. It will accompany a lot of cosmological/myth stuff that I`ve been

mulling over for the BR setting that should be easily incorporated into

just about anybody`s campaign (unless one has already come up with one`s

one system of life after death) since it`s an aspect of the setting that

has been pretty ignored in the published materials.

2. I still haven`t forgotten about the multi-class vs. single class

stuff. I`ll finish up my response to that.

Preview of the Spirit Guide: "Look upon me. I am the angel of death. I

am come for thee. Fear not for I shall guide thee to the halls of

heroes. Look upon the ground at thy feet. There thy mortal form

lays. Thou art dead. Slain in battle in noble service to thy lord. You

have earned the right to travel onward, sojourner. I shall guide thee in

they journey. Come now, let us tarry here no longer. There are many souls

to gather up this day, and the paths of death a long and shadowéd."

Preview of the Gremlin: "This is pretty thing here, yes? Is it costly? Is

it needful? Can it break? I unmake it, yes. See it creaking? Feel it

crumble? Worthless now it is? Not to me. Heeheehee! I am builder

me. Makes me much piles of broken things. Many works to do. Lots to

unmake. Glass to shatter. Tear and tatter. Bowstrings to slack. Shields

to crack. Swordblades bent. Armor dent. I take things made and make

unmade. Unmake them all! I am unmaker me! Unmake, unmake, unmake!"

Laters all,