At 02:08 AM 6/13/2003 +0200, RaspK_FOG wrote:

>Alignments represent tendencies, not tennets!

First off, enough tendencies eventually add up to a tenet. But that aside,
there was a specific example cited in those examples, but I wouldn`t
necessarily read "tenet" into that. The views were expressed as "Thou
shalt not X" or anything. One could come up with similar descriptive
phrases that expressed a like amount of attention or dedication to a
particular thing for each of those values so as not to run into a situation
in which one has to deal with some sort of legalistic interpretation of
each particular point value. Regardless of whether or not a character
believed in the ideas expressed by such point values that needn`t mean a
situation in which a character was trapped in a moral quandary would mean
he couldn`t keep his points in those particular things. If he
_continually_ was in a situation in which he ran into incompatibilities
that would be another problem, but the occasional ethical conflict is a
good thing.

Essentially, assigning a point value allows someone in gaming to ask the
perennial question, "How good is this character?"

With a point system for such things one can give the pat gaming
answer.... "4."


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