LEBR, one of the longest running - we'd like to say THE longest running (40+turns)- PBEMs ended about 6months ago and it restarted in Khinasi. We are receiving the second turn's submissions on Saturday and we don't follow the famous rule of 1d4+1 turns of life for a PBEm ;)

We are here to stay, but we need players, so join up :)

There are several good characters available like the White Sorceress or the Royal Mages of Min Dhusai or the Red Witch or Adara bint Reshud. There are also lesser characters available for those that want to play, yet lack the time, like the Tarvan Wastes people or the Eternal Temple of Nesirie or the Great Temple of Avani in Suiriene.

Come at out site and check it out :) www.birthrightonline.com

You can check what was available at the end of the first turn at http://birthrightonline.loginov.com/web/kh...a_playlist.html

After the second turn is done (less than a week normally) the list will be updated, but in the mean time, you can email the DM and his team to ask for a character that is shown available on the list or even a character that is shown occupied, cos you never know, you might be lucky :)

Thank you for your time :)