One of the things that I`ve been finding increasingly interesting/amusing
about BR is the possibility that the Battle of Deismaar "awakened" the Land
itself. Call it Aebrynis, call it Gaia or the consciousness behind the
Land`s Choice, the campaign setting itself can be used as a sort of ultimate

The following post was sent to the Planescape list, but has some relation to
BR if one likes the idea of an Abrynian Gaia Hypothesis.

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Misc Magical Items, the 3e DMG tells me, have a 1% chance to be self-aware;
well then, suppose a Wizard`s pocket Demiplane was created self-aware by
accident (or 10th level magic, if you prefer).

(This is different from Neth, because this demiplane is a self-aware
construct, created to serve, and not simply a unique life-form.)

It would necessarily have a definite alignment, and people not of that
alignment could suffer both the statistic penalty from Manual of the Planes
and also the Negative Level penalty for using an opposed alignment magical

It would have magical abilities that it can grant to its master; according
to the rules for Ego conflict.

"What are you doing, Dave?"

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