Hi, all

I`m a newbie in this forum and w`d like to introduce myself: I live in a
town in Sao Paulo State, Brazil, and have been playing RPG for more than 6
years. Unfortunately, Birthright was presented me just some time ago, thus
it`s hard to find people who play it. But, finally I filled myself with
hope and decided to join this List: firstly, to get tuned with you and your
perseverance to keep Birthright alive; and secondly, to look for Brazilian
players or those who speak Portuguese.

I`ve recently created an e-group at Yahoo called `RPG Birthright Brasil`
intended to be a `Guild` for Portuguese-speaker players of Birthright. It
enables us to build a community working as a haven for EVERY player or
party who feels lost and alone. This `Guild` will also become a remarkable
example for other to join into communities to preserve the gameworld.

The group can feature posting communication, links, sharing of files (in
English), polls, photo album, and anything we can imagine about. Its link
is http://br.groups.yahoo.com/group/birthright-br , and membership will be
gladly allowed by me. ;o)

Just a note: my nick at Birthright.Net site is Southlander.

"The needs of many surpass
the needs of a few, or one`s."

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