I`ve got good news and bad news :)

I`ll take the "bad" news first.
Recently the server hosting birthright.net got a disk-upgradewhich means it`s diskspace problems are gone for (most likely) a long time... The server got 2 120GB disk running in a mirrored RAID 1 array for maximum security. This means another 120GB of space for arjan :)
The only problem is that I had to pay for one of the disks out of my own pocket, and so I would like to ask the list if anyone feels like chipping in some money ? I only need 80$ to cover a 60% of the cost. The rest I get from other sources or cover myself. If anyone is interrested please send me a private email and we will find a way to handle the logistics.

The good news is that since there are lots of space on the server I`ve gotten the green light to host any BR PBEM that want to move to this server. This is obviously free and completely banner-free. Essentially you`ve got as much webspace as you need, though if you are using more than 1 GB you might get some questions what you need all that space for :) Similarily as long as you are hosting a normal BR PBEM webpage (i.e. not hosting your MP3/Movie/etc collection) there should not be any problems with bandwidth usage. There is access to PHP as well as MySQL and anything you might you can always ask for and depending on what it is the server-owner might install it. Though for the technical take note that the server is running FreeBSD and as such will NOT run .ASP or similar Microsoft proprietary systems. Anyone interrested in hosting their game on Doriath (as the server is called, and yes that is a Tolkien reference) also please contact me.

Sindre Cools Berg (aka Cobos :)
Hostmaster birthright.net

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