I`m cool with someone hosting a site with my file and credit to me.
However I`m not finished with the file. If someone could send me a
complete holdings list (I know there`s one out there somewhere) then I
will add it to my map. The list will be incorporated into an excel sheet
which prints to text files and they are in turn linked to the Anuire
map. I would like to work on a Cerilia map in the future.
My goal here is to allow updates to the map as the campaign continues
along. To have all the stats for holdings, sources, etc. would be
beneficial to anyone using the map for a pbem IMVHO.
If you`d like to wait until that is done or want to post both versions
of the map on your site, then I will send you the plain one first. Just
remember it doesn`t have any Province titles or stats on it.

DMs could take advantage of the excel-linked version better than


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