I was just reading through chapter 1 on the races, and I have a couple of questions/notes. I apologise if this has already been covered by another thread and/or discussion...

1. On page 12 in the topic on Brecht cultural traits it says "You gain a +1 bonus to initiative and to Reflex saves when weariing no armour or light armour."

Does this mean that both the initiative and reflex saves only have the +1 bonus when wearing the light armour. Or does the armou penalty/restriction only apply to the reflex save. I tend to think the writers meant for the armour restriction/penalty to apply to both but I am not sure.

2. On the same page (12) the cultural traits section says "and have a +1 bonus to all Wilderness Lore checks in forests and hills."

I'm not sure why this bonus would only apply to the forests and hills. Ok firstly I should point out I do not know what terrain types are applicable to this skill. But surely the Rjurik lands encompass more than forest and plains. I would have thought, and I do not have the Rjurik Highlands accessory handy, that there are at least some mountainous areas and plains.

3. Are you guys sure about the pronounciation of some of the human sub types?? I am sure you are I was just curious as all. I would never pronouce the Vos and Rjurik the way you do but I am sure that's just my ignorance in language.

4. Okay, so the other non-human races still have ability score bonuses and penalties, ie +2 to dex and -2 to con etc. Are these straight from the PHB. Is there any reason why the human sub races did not carry through their bonuses and penalties. I rather liked this from the 2nd edition ruleset. Not that I am complaining overly, mind you ;)

5. Enough of the criticism/questioning, I just want to say I like the way the races have been done. I did read someones suggestion about regional skills and feats and that sounds like a good idea as well. But this has been good so far.

6. In a few passages I noticed that the text was referred to in first person, eg "You gain a +1 bonus to ....". Not that this is a bad thing, I would have just thought it would have made more sense to refer to this in the third person, ie "A Rjuven human gains..." asnot everyone who looks at this will be wanting to play that particular sub race. Just an example. Or perhaps even dot point like the non human races...

But anyways job well done!! It must have been hard coming to some sort of a consensus on many issues.