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    Well hopefully Arjan reads this. I was just thinking that it might be a wise Idea to make a new section of the board for discusion on the conversion which could then be broke down by chapters related to the book then maybe a few misc. topics that way there would be some regularity to the forum for these posts and easily managed by viewers looking for say magic or realm actions and such by just going to the chapter it is located to see what people are asking about or commenting on. I know I read somewhere you didnt have time Arjan to do alot of updating to the site but this may be something to consider or see if someone in the community has this ability to help with. Just a thought
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    I have thought about that, but we once already had too many boards.
    But i defenately will create one new board for the discussion of the D20 BRCS.

    And if one wants to look for "say magic or realm actions" they can always search on the specified forum.

    Adding a forum aint that much trouble, so i can squeeze that in ;)

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