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Dear Rudolph,

I am taking a rare moment of solace to send you a quick missive. We remain in Aamon and the situation here grows more dangerous with each passing day. After the ambush in the swamp, we discussed trying to seek out the dark force behind the infected townspeople and the strange creatures. William and Ardeena were not well, possibly a product of the time in the swamp. William does seem fair of constitution and Ardeena is used to colder environs. If that was not enough, a swell of miserable rain had started as if from no where. We decided it was best to return to town, and to let Tooms know about our findings. Cerin and Vargas hauled back one of the creatures and I aided the duke.

By the time we arrived, the rain became a fierce storm and the waters were rising at an alarming rate. Once William and Ardeena were settled back at the inn, we went to the fort. The gate guards, some of Janus' men, were not going to get Tooms but Cerin showed why the elves are feared and he cowed them with his voice alone. When Tooms arrived, he was clearly shaken at the sight of the creature. He told us Janus had left with some of his men, and Tooms became rattled at the idea of things possessing people. He even drew his sword on us! We managed to return some measure of calm to him, and he set about moving his men to the town to prepare for the storm.

We went back and took to patrolling the perimeter, encountering Sutton and some of the town guards. He seemed ill at ease being out in the rain, and he told us that the viscount had left to visit Lightning Keep. We left him but soon heard a scream from behind us.

We found Sutton laying in the mud, his men barely able to contain their laughter. But from the waters of the swamp several of the swamp creatures lunged to attack. They cut down several guards before we killed them, and Sutton ran off to the barracks in a panic. More commotion lead us to the center of town and more of the creatures. It seemed they had killed several townspeople and we joined more guards. But the fallen were a trick, and black masses of tentacles erupted from them. We managed to kill them as well, but the cry of a child meant we had no respite. But the sound was another trap by the swamp creatures, who were skilled mimics. We killed them as well, and Tooms and his men started to arrive just as the dawn finally came. The rain started to subside, and we regrouped as best we could.

By examining the creatures, we discovered they wore amulets made of soapstone, possibly a symbol of their master. We also learned they are creatures of deeper waters, and deduced they may come from a deep lake known as the Blue Hole.

We shall set off for their shortly to seek out the source of this evil, and hopefully gain the loyalty of the soldiers here. I will write again when I am able, and until that time may Eloéle protect your secrets with her shadow.

Harker Graywind

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