Khinasi trade

Though the Khinasi have a long tradition of trade, the law of Avani does not make trade easy or is her law articulate on the subject. Her concerns lay elsewhere, commerce and wealth belong to Sera. As a result, the Khinasi have a highly bureaucratic, mercantilist trade culture. It maintains a traditional social hierarchy through complex regulations administered by experts. Avani values law, order, justice, knowledge, truth, honesty, but not commercial efficiency. The principles of Sera provide for security in loans, clear titles to land and businesses, contracts, regulate the divisions of spoils, profits, and a business venture whose partners are going their separate ways.
Without contract law and laws to regulate commerce, there are two other ways to conduct business. One is to use force to enforce business agreements. This may well be the cause of many feuds between geirhou. The other is to do business with people who are less likely to cheat you - your family. So, because they have a family structure to regulate the interactions of an extended family, Khinasi form business groups around the extended family, the geirhou.

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