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    Menu > Quick Links > View Site Leaders is broken

    When I use the Quick Links menu and navigate to View Site Leaders, I get sent to the following URL (and get a blank page):

    The Favicon also changes from a light V-tick on a dark background, to a dark V-tick in a box. So, I think that's a vBulletin error.

    Please would someone, from the admin team, take a look at this.

    Thanks in advance.
    David "Big Mac" Shepheard
    Visit my Yahoo links for: Birthright websites
    (If I am not here, you can find me at the Birthright forum at The Piazza.)

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    Hi Bigmac, I asked Arius and Arjan to take a look as they are the technically capable guys. The best way to contact them is probably on the discord channel I note.

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